Site icon The Today USA Hacks: Everything you want to know about it Hacks: Everything you want to know about it is a fantastic doodling game that you can play with your friends and have a good time with. There are instances when you may want to surprise your pals with perfect drawings or to properly guess every drawing that they do. In this circumstance, you’ll require the assistance of a hacks to complete the task for you. If you’re looking for them, this is the correct post for you to read right now.

In this section, I will tell you about every hacks that has ever existed. From the Auto draw bot to the Auto guesser, I’ll list all of the currently working and available hacks in this section. Consequently, you will be able to astonish your friends and leave them speechless with your performance.

What is and how does it work? is a hugely popular multiplayer sketching and guessing game that has gained widespread popularity. In this game, a player is given a word, and he is then required to draw it, with the rest of the participants being required to guess the precise word from the drawings. It may appear to be challenging, yet doodling can be quite enjoyable. This is a game that I have personally spent countless hours playing with my high school classmates.

It improves the speed, creativity, and brilliance of your brain while also boosting your relationships with others. It will also help you to expand your vocabulary because you will come across numerous new terms along with their illustrations (often poor & funny). The degree of entertainment provided by this game is directly related to the number of high-quality pals who have signed up to play with you.

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What is it about that makes it so popular?

Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of all around the world. There are a number of compelling explanations for the phenomenal popularity of this straightforward but entertaining game. can be played on any device, whether it is a computer or a mobile device. You do not require any specialized or high-end equipment. As a result, anyone can join the game and begin playing right away. It also does not necessitate the use of a fast internet connection. As a result, your internet connection speed is not a hindrance.

Additionally, is available in a variety of languages. The language options include English as well as Italian, Korean (including Hungarian), Hindi (including Arabic), and any other language you could require. In this way, gamers from any region can participate and enjoy the game with their peers. It is quick, dynamic, straightforward, and enjoyable. The following are some of the most important factors that have contributed to Skribbl’s widespread popularity.

What is hacks and how does they work? is a fun game in which you must employ sound tactics in order to emerge victorious. You must utilize your wits correctly and rapidly guess the most appropriate word before anyone else can beat you to it. If you do this, you will quickly accrue more points and leave the rest of the field in your wake. However, if you are unable to do so but still like to impress your pals, you can make use of a Hacks.

The term “ Hacks” refers to any script or bot that is capable of bypassing the Skribble security mechanisms and performing a task that is in violation of the game’s terms of service. There are numerous Hacks available on the internet. Because the game is primarily played in the web, many of the add-ons are browser extensions. Various hacks serve a variety of functions, including auto drawing, auto guessing, word helper, silent option, brush size swap, and many others. Hacks and Cheats Come in a Variety of Forms

As previously said, there are several distinct sorts of Hacks that can be found on the internet. Some of the better examples will be discussed further below. Our presumption is that you are either a terrible artist or that your brain is currently malfunctioning, and that you will require some assistance in order to get an advantage over your peers. Hacking, on the other hand, takes away the true enjoyment of a game.

So, I’d strongly advise you not to rely on hacking indefinitely and instead to have a little pleasure playing with your friends, even if you wind up losing 8 out of 10 games. Let us, however, continue our discussion of the hacks and exploits.

1. Autodraw Hacks

One of the most popular and useful hacks is the Autodraw one, which is available to everyone. It is ideal for players who are unable to draw well at all. In the event that you draw a cup when asked to draw a cup, you can utilize this clever trick to surprise your pals. The Autodraw hack is a Chrome extension script that automatically draws the image that is specified in the request.

All you have to do is search for an appropriate image on Google, drag and drop it into the drawing box, and the bot will take care of the rest. Take the following simple steps to learn how to utilise it.

Step-1: Download the Autodraw Hack script from Github for free.

Step-2: Now extract the downloaded script using WinRar, 7-Zip, or other extraction tools.

Step-3: Next, open Google Chrome, click on the 3-dots present at the top-right corner, click on ‘More’ from the drop-down box, and click on Extensions.

Step-4: Here, turn on the ‘Developer mode’ option present at the top-right side and click on the ‘Load Unpacked’ option on the upper-left side.

Step-5: Next, find the AutoDraw hack script that you have extracted previously, click on it to open the folder, and then click on ‘Select Folder.

Step-6: Now, the AutoDraw hack will be visible in Chrome, which will be enabled by default.

Step-7: Finally, start a game on Skribbl.iosearch for the image in a new tab, and drag and drop it into the canvas to initiate hacking.

That’s all there is to it. This is an example of how a AutoDraw hack operates.

2. Working Autoguesser Hack for

You should use the Auto Guesser hack (Skribbler) if you have a hard time guessing the correct word just by glancing at the illustrations. A Chrome extension script that analyses the drawings of other players can also be used to automatically predict the word. It displays all of the available responses and informs you whether or not a particular answer is correct.

Learn how to utilize it by following the simple instructions listed below:

Step-1: Open Chrome and add Tamper monkey extension by clicking the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button on its page. Once added, close the tab.

Step-2: Now go to the Auto Guesser script page on Github. Scroll down, and click on the URL present under Installation.

Step-3: On the next page, click on ‘Install’ to start downloading. After that, close this tab as well.

Step-4: Finally, visit, and click on the ‘Activate Skribbler’ button to enable hacking.

That’s all there is to it. Now that you’ve started playing, you’ll be able to accurately guess each and every phrase.

All Hacks 2021

Here is a complete list of all hacks. You can use these hacks to have the upper hand over all the players. However, don’t over-exploit them as it will ruin the fun.

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